It all started when...

Like many of you, I was one of those people who always wanted to write a book. When I finally took action, I attended conferences and workshops, and spent many hours that turned into years crafting my story, making it ready for publication. My first big break arrived when I entered my first novel, Flight For Control, into the PNWA writer’s conference and became a finalist. This lead to the second big break— agents were interested in my work.  

However, one of these agents happened to be a pilot and was aware of the aviation issues that were woven within the pages of this particular novel, and the timeliness that necessitated publishing sooner than later. She told me, “If I take your novel today, and sell it tomorrow—but that never happens—your book will not be published for two years.” Unless you are famous or do something famously stupid, you go in line for publication that is about a two-year time limit, but the selling to a publisher is a timely process in itself. She recommended that I self publish, and offered to help me with my contracts to protect my rights to the story and the characters.


I began searching the various options of self-publication, and learned there were pros and cons with each. I could put my book up on Create Space, but they didn’t have the option for a hardback—something that was important to me. Then, there were agencies charging large amounts of money to edit and publish your book, yet in the fine print they owned the publication rights. I was told that if I sold 5000 copies I would break even. But later learned that less than 3% of first time authors sold more than 100 books. The publisher takes 90% of profits, and the agent 10% of yours, and they do not spend any resources for marketing—you are just paying for their name, and the image. Then I asked myself—why not create my own publishing company—and Jet Star Publishing was born.

Jet Star Publishing began as a way to bring my books to life. What inspired me to go public and help others was a combination of events. First, a friend had been pitching her book for many years in order to go the traditional publishing route, and always ended up in the slush-pile—that stack of people’s lives pilled in an office—and her book was amazing, but never selected. Then, another friend asked me to endorse her book. However, after I began reading it, I realized how poorly it was edited. This was a wonderful story, but without solid editing would fall flat. Yet she had already spent thousands of dollars with her self- publisher to edit. I then re-edited it for her, and provided to the publishing company. Then I began hearing stories of authors who paid to have their books published, and the businesses closed their doors and took the rights of those books with them. These authors could not republish their work. Nothing about any of this was right, so I decided to help people bring their work to publication.

Writing an incredible book and creating a compelling cover are only part of this of process—you need to get your book in front of people so they know it exists. This is where my MBA and masters in human services come together with my passion for marketing. Through my own publication experiences, I have learned how to reach out to people, utilized available social network sites and create a demand for my novels, exceeding all those first time author statistics in the process. Our experience and talent will become available to you in your living room.


Our Mision

Jet Star Publishing’s mission is to help you become a publish author, by providing personal assistance, designed for your specific needs, abilities, and desires.

As a published author myself, I understand what you are experiencing each step of the way, which means I am better able to help you navigate this journey from writing to marketing. As an airline pilot, and training professional, I also have a history where commitment to excellence, perseverance, and dedication are valued, and high performance is the only option. My passengers place their lives in my hands every time they step on my aircraft, with trust that I will take them safely to their destination. You will have an equal confidence placing your life’s work, your book, into our hands, knowing we will lead you safely to your destination. This lifelong commitment and work ethic is woven into the core of Jet Star Publishing, where we are committed to your success. Your work is yours. While we can never say we would not close our doors, as nothing lasts forever. But what I can tell you, if that were to happen you have ownership of your work in addition to any inventory of your books.

From inside pages to outside the cover, we are committed and dedicated to help you bring your work to life. And as everyone has different goals, different abilities, and different needs, we will give you the personal assistance you need, sharing our experience of the process.