Whether we like it or not, books are judged by the cover! Creating an engaging cover design that gets your book picked up; ensuring a clean and professional layout that makes your work really stand out; elevating your work with custom and original artwork... Jet Star Publishing can do it all. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.


Illustration and Photography

Looking to elevate your work with original artwork and creations? JetStar will work with you to craft the perfect compliments to your written word.



At Jet Star we have fine-tuned our editing process, and will assign you directly to one of our vetted and approved editors. With this personal support, we guarantee your work gets the high quality attention it deserves without getting lost in a slush pile. Whether you are looking for a copy edit, or want an involved story edit with writing workshops, we can get you there!


At the heart of Jet Star is helping you get your story published. Self-publishing can be confusing and complicated, finding a publisher that will work with you can be overwhelming and feel like a full time job. We are here to help you. Every project is unique, and every person's needs are different... contact us today for a quote that fits your project and budget.



Distribution & Marketing

JetStar will help you get your book into circulation- both with print and Ebook. Join our group of professional writers and learn how to create a social media presence and build your own personal audience.



Want to get your ebook onto all of the major online retailers? JetStar can create an ebook that fits into every platform - ensuring seamless transitions between devices.